• Thank you for visiting our website. With years of experience serving the families in the Tri-state area, and the surrounding areas of Hagerstown, Antietam Orthodontics can provide you and you and your family with the high-quality orthodontia treatment you need. Whether you’re considering a cleaning or major cosmetic proceedures, we can help you discover which treatment is right for you. Please call our office today to schedule your orthodontia consultation with our friendly staff. We look forward to taking care of your smile! 

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    The cost of treatment will vary depending on your needs and treatment options.  My financial manager and I will discuss the cost of your treatment and provide the most affordable plan.  Our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans.  Our office manager will be able to research your insurance plan and will personally submit the necessary paperwork so that you may obtain the maximum benefits. A small down payment is all that is required and interest free payments divided evenly throughout treatment.

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